About us

We design every floral arrangement with passion…….through your memorable moment

Flowers are one of the most beautiful gifts of nature with importance in every sphere of human’s life. Flowers arrangement of various designs & types of their beauty, color and attractiveness allows us to carry our messages perfectly that makes our life more cherished. Every party or any occasion such as Holidays, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Wedding, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, etc. are the perfect dates for people to take as part of a Flower Gift. Or even without an occasion.

Fleur Bliss are all surrounded with beautiful flowers every day. As a “Bloomer and Styler” aiming to provide Flower Gift either fresh & everlasting dried flowers decorated using a variety of different containers flowers and other styles, Fleur Bliss believe that every occasion to our client is a memorable moment, Fleur Bliss vision is to provide every clients with unique and customized flowers design to celebrate their special moment together.